Program Overview


The Athletics Program helps develop the mind, body and spirit with the essential elements needed to become a productive and successful student-athlete. In addition to sport-specific camps, we also host nutritional and strength and conditioning workshops. Grindtime has available in-house recruitment services to assist students and parents with the process of athletic and/or academic recruitment.


The Academics Program provides after-school tutorials to help students and teach them organizational  and other essential skills needed to sustain quality education and academic responsibility. that will help them be successful in their core academics at school. We also coach students on test-taking strategies and provide test preparation for college entrance exams, such as the SAT and ACT. The Academics program is also responsible for coordinating college visits and academic workshops for students and their parents.


Grindtime’s Mentorship Program coordinates speaking engagements by inviting various leaders and motivational speakers to communicate adaptive and positive skills that allow individuals to effectively deal with the challenges of life. Our long-term goal is to partner community mentors with Grindtime students and teach them professionalism, communication and other success principles needed to develop positive, impactful relationships both in their personal and professional lives.

Community Service

At Grindtime, we believe that for which “much is given, much is required.” This is a value that we teach all our Grindtime students. Through the year, we organize community events that our students and student-athletes volunteer at. These humbling experiences teach our students that there is a cause and good greater than themselves and their helping hands can positively impact the communities they have grown up in.